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We offer a wide range of efficient, high-quality equipments, including centrifuge, chillers, filters, evaporators, distillation units and reactors for a variety of applications including cannabis, botanical oils, and nutraceuticals.

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What do I need for Ethanol Extraction?

Ethanol Extraction Systems

A highly efficient, simple to operate batch extraction system. The system can be operated with ethanol temperatures as low as -50°C, or with room temperature ethanol. The centrifuge extractors are simple to operate, use solvent efficiently, and are capable of meeting large production requirements. All units come equipped with explosion proof motors and a C1D2 rated PLC touchscreen enclosure.

Robust engineering, backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty make the equipment an ideal choice for your botanical extraction requirements.

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Depth Filtration Skid

Optimize your ethanol extraction process using our depth filtration skid to achieve your ideal clarity and color. Connecting the filtration skid to the centrifuge and running the fluid through the filters as soon as it leaves the centrifugal extraction system. 

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Bulk Solvent Recovery

The FFE-Series is a scalable, falling-film solvent recovery system that can provide ethanol recovery rates of 100, 200, 500, or 1000 LPH.

The innovative FFE Series falling film evaporator is ideal for botanical oil separation and ethanol recovery from your extracted biomass tincture. The system maintains a high evaporation rate, which significantly increases the throughput of crude oil production, eliminating the need for multiple large rotary evaporator systems.

The innovative, robust design ensures easy operator training and maximum uptime.

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Wiped Film Distillation

Our Wiped Film Short Path Distillation technology is the final step in the processing of high-quality distillate. The system is engineered to refine targeted compounds from crude botanical extracts and deliver clear distillate at fast speeds. It utilizes an advanced thin-film technique, allowing for higher efficiency and lower temperatures during the distillation process as compared to standard short path distillation.

The continuous material and discharge feed pumps allow for higher efficiency for a scaling lab by not restricting max batch size.

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THC Remediation

For most people, the distillation is the last step, the cbd distillate they get is suitable for dab, shatter, vape pens, tinctures, hash oil, edibles, and other forms. Often, extracted material prior to distillation is in a range of 55-70% cannabinoid, and it is typical to distill this up to a range from 85-90+%, with up to 96% being reported. However you can not separate THC from the final distillate by short path distillation.

Where CBD is legal, THC levels typically need to be less than 0.3%. In order to find a way to remediate THC, we have experimented with various methods and have found a way to help achieve the hemp and cannabis processor’s THC reduction goals.

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