Ethanol Extraction

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Why Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction is one of the safest methods for extracting hemp/plant materials as well as the most scalable for your business. It only requires a C1D2 operating space and can be recovered for multiple cycles of extraction making your facility build more cost effective. The unique design of our centrifugal extractor allow for separation and collection of these constituents during a single extraction. Ethanol extraction methodology delivers a clean, unaltered, consistent-yet-flexible product.


The centrifuge ethanol recovery system is designed to quickly and efficiently to recover ethanol solution from extracted biomass.

Safe-To Use

DA classifies ethanol as a class-3 solvent with low risk for acute or chronic toxicity in pharmacetical manufacturing processes where the residual is less than 5000ppm.


Our low temp. ethanol extraction systems are built with commercial scalability in mind and designed to be used by an entry-level operator.


The system is created for closed loop operation, solvent recovery efficiency can reach 95-98%, creates a higher quality final product.

Turnkey Solutions

We can offer one source for turnkey, GMP-compliant manufacturing solutions for the cannabis extraction industry. We can help to process your biomass into refined oils.

Training & Commissioning

As a foundation of customer success, we believe that onsite installation, training and commissioning are essential for a successful launch of a new cannabis extraction facility.


Smart operators look for every way possible to recover the maximum amount of solvent. Our (Centrifugal Ethanol Recovery System) centrifuge goes beyond any technology on the market today, at a price that’s affordable for operations of any size. Built for rapid results and exceptional ease of use, which is an optional accessory guaranteed to provide a sizable return.

Alcohol Removal


Compound Removal


Production Capacity


Low temp.

-50 ℃

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